Community Health

The mission driving our Community Health Department is to remove barriers that often exist between communities and their health care providers. From the beginning, LifeSpring’s mission has been to extend health care beyond our walls into the neighborhoods where our families live, work, and go to school.

Care Coordination

Barriers come in many forms and can affect an individuals' ability to receive needed care. Therefore, at the end of each visit, our providers conduct a personalized assessment for each patient to determine if the patient and his/her family require additional care. The findings are communicated to our Community Health Workers (CHWs) who will then schedule office appointments, or home visits, to connect our families with helpful resources.

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We keep a detailed, updated database of the many resources available in our community. These resources enable our CHW's to quickly connect families with community partners.

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Parents have reported that, because of the CHW's support, they were empowered to think about their health needs and create achievable goals.

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Through the efforts of our CHWs, we are able to walk alongside our families as they pursue wellness in their day-to-day lives. These efforts create bonds that increase both trust and cooperation.

Health Care Coordination at LifeSpring Community Health


Partnering with our donors, we’re thrilled to offer the following programs to promote wellness initiatives that can assist in better health outcomes for residents in our community.

Get Going

Get Going is a flexible 6-month program that educates the entire family on how to work together and provide support for their child as he/she strives to reach health-related goals in the areas of nutrition, weight management, and physical activity. Our LifeSpring team is actively involved in every aspect of the program to promote program success for our patients.

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Goal Setting

Set concrete goals that you, your family, and our staff all work to achieve. Get a prize when you complete a goal!


Monthly Check-ins

Meet monthly with one of our CHWs. Meet anywhere - at LifeSpring, in your home, or any location that works for you.


Quarterly Tests

Meet quarterly with a Nurse Practitioner who can run lab work and do a physical. These tests will help us keep track of your health and your progress.


Community Resourcing

Our CHWs will connect you with resources that foster healthy lifestyles and provide education on nutrition, physical activity, and more.


After 6 months

Decide if you’d rather continue making health changes on your own, continue the Get Going program, or get referred to a specialist for specialized care.

How to Enroll

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