June 6, 2024

Her family had no idea - Now, she is continuing to get the care she needs.

Your gifts make a real difference in the lives of people like "Mikayla." People like you make it possible for Mikayla to come to LifeSpring for pediatric care. Mikayla Shared with her provider that she had been cutting herself and thinking about ending her life. Her family had no idea, but the provider was able to help them process the news and get Mikayla the care she needed. Also, they started opening up and talking about mental health at home. A few months later, when she had another episode of deep sadness, Mikayla shared her emotions with her parents, and they brought her back to LifeSpring. Through the generosity of people like you, she is continuing to get the care she needs to heal and manage her depression well.  

Give more kids like Mikayla a place like LifeSpring - for mental health, not just physical health.